Class Descriptions


The Making (and Breaking) Of A Boot

So many things go into the making of a quality boot….type of leather, stitching technique, hardware, sole, insole, finishing, etc. Let’s take apart a boot layer by layer and discover the good, the bad, and the hidden parts of a boot. Trigger Warning: This class includes the non-consensual destruction of a boot. Squeamish bootblacks are encouraged to bring their own sickness bag.

Creamy. Soft. Wet. Shiny.

Just what do you do with cream polish? We will explore why cream polish deserves a spot in every kit. It can be used on items like dress shoes, western boots and soft leather boots. Cream polish is one of the most versatile products in leathercare.


I(vory) really don’t want you walking on Eggshells

White leather? White leather! Ever have someone want you to work on white leather? Did you panic? We are bootblacks after all.. well, panic no more. In this class I will not only teach you about how white leather is made, but how to properly clean and care for white leather without fear of damaging it. I will get into stain and smell removal, as well as what you can and cannot use to condition white leather.


If Bob Ross Wore Boots

Learn techniques and tricks on revamping boots with paint and patience. A detailed discussion of tools and products along with demonstrations of prep, technique, and finishing might inspire you to decorate some boots with happy clouds. We’ll even look at additional embellishment ideas….spikes, spots, trim, and glitter. There isn’t enough time during the workshop to finish a pair of boots yourself but perhaps we can work on them later in the weekend (bring a pair of boots/shoes without polish if you want to decorate). As Bob Ross stated: “All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind.”



“Patina” is no longer just the natural aging process of leather shoes, it is now the artistic recreation and enhancement of this effect. Hand painted patina is its own art form across Europe and Japan, generally reserved for high end bespoke footwear. But hand painted patina can be a great way to transform something old into something new. Crack open a couple jars of dye, grab your fan brush, and learn the basics of creating patina finishes with Izzy

Tidbit & Izzy

Spit Shine

Dale: So, I need your class description for the spit shine class the two of you will be tag-team teaching…
Tid Bit: I thought Izzy was writing it
Izzy: I thought Elegant was writing it
Elegant: Why would I be writing it when it’s going to be Izzy and Tid Bit teaching?
Izzy: Because Dale said something about you writing funny class descriptions
Tid Bit: What’s funny about spit shines?
Izzy: What ISN’T funny about spit shines?
Dale: Well, the class description has to mention that the two of you will be co-teaching, because you’ve got two very different styles. So you will be showing how two different approaches can still reach the same goal.
Tid Bit: I think you just wrote our class description.
Izzy: I’m glad that’s out of the way.


A Bobcat Batted my Boots

You know that feeling you get when you're climbing a set of concrete stairs and you don't quite get your feet up high enough? The horror and panic that ensues when you, not once, but twice bang the toes of your super shiny Corcorans on the concrete. You look down at the tops of your babies only to discover that you've taken a giant chunk out of each one. You get a little sick, ugly cry for a minute, then think, "Hey, at least they match."
How about when you're slicing sausage for jambalaya and you drop that 10" chef's knife on your foot? You're grateful the leather saved your foot, but now how are you going to save the leather?

Well, fret no more. I'm going to teach you patch that cut or gouge in a way that no one will ever know it was there. We'll cover materials, technique, and a few of my Security Level 2 classified secrets. Bring those cuts and gouges to class and go home with boots you'll be proud to wear again.

Bootblacking 101

  • Cleaning
  • Conditioning
  • Oil tan / High Shine - differences
  • Conditioning Oil tans
  • High Shine
  • Garment Leather
  • Group Discussion

    So you think you want to be a bootblack titleholder?

    Or "So you have brain damage--A contestant's guide to running for contests, god help your sole." Your questions will be answered!

    Sit down with a panel of Bootblack Titleholders as they discuss how to prepare, what you need to know, and what you should bring with you the weekend of the contest.