Brit is a strong, independent force of nature. She was born and raised in the Dirty South and now resides in the Midwest. She completed her bootblack apprenticeship in March 2013 and holds the title Southeast Community Bootblack 2014. She loves to share her passion and vocation for leather care, boot blacking, and our connection through leather to everyone, not just to those who identify as bootblacks. Brit stepped out of her bootblack shell and competed for a Ms. title in early 2015. She is Ms. Southern Coastal States Leather 2015. Since winning her titles and moving north to the Midwest, Brit has become a strong advocate for everyone inside the leather, LGBTQ, poly, and kink communities, writing articles, and serving as a safe harbor for those finding themselves in a complicated and sometimes unwelcoming world.


 I(vory) really don’t want you walking on Eggshells

Description: White leather? White leather! Ever have someone want you to work on white leather? Did you panic? We are bootblacks after all.. well, panic no more. In this class I will not only teach you about how white leather is made, but how to properly clean and care for white leather without fear of damaging it. I will get into stain and smell removal, as well as what you can and cannot use to condition white leather.

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